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2014 UMBC Senior Exit Exhibition

The UMBC Senior Exit Exhibition is the annual exhibition that showcases and highlights the work of graduating seniors from the Visual Arts Program at UMBC. For the 2014 exhibition, I designed a poster advertising the show.

The project grew from creating a sign to a full branding project that included printed collateral, assisting with the exhibition layout in the Center for Art Design and Visual Culture, and a responsive website.

Throughout the project, I collaborated with classmates at different stages. I want to thank Michael Muccioli, Andrew Gallagher, and Kirsten Green for assisting me throughout this project.

Exhibition Planning

One of the initial problems I had to solve was deciding on a layout that would best showcase the design students' work. In addition to displaying the work, the work had to be grouped by class and class level.

Similar to showcasing work in a portfolio, I decided on making the beginning and end the highlights of the design section. This meant showcasing Typography III and Graphic Design IV projects, due to these being the capstone courses of the program.