Neutraface is a collection of essays compiled into a 120 page perfect hand-bound book.

For this project, I was responsible for researching and writing the text of the book, the design and layout of the pages, and, finally, the bookbinding.

The book was digitally printed with an Epson WF-7510 printer on 65lb. Shocking Yellow French cover paper, 67lb. White Neenah Exact, Vellum Bristol Cover Stock, and 30lb. FORAY Inkjet Translucent, Vellum Paper. Research Book

The essays include an in-depth examination of the typeface, and a brief biography of the life of Richard Neutra, from whom the typeface gained its namesake.

Following the biography, the essays shift their focus on to the life of type designer Christian Schwartz and the events in his life that led to him choosing to become a professional typographer.